Hey there!

Welcome to our Site of Eltern-Kind-Treff („Parend-Child-Rendezvous“).

Due to COVID, we dont have any appointments planned, except for our babyswimming courses and our open meeting point, „Treffcafé„, where you can always visit. You can sign up for our (german) Newsletter to be among the first to find out if we have new courses ready!

We are a nonprofit organisation in the heart of Innsbruck. Since almost 20 years, we’ve been there for expectant parents and new families.
In our child-friendly facilities, we want to give you the opportunity to meet others in the same stage of life, to make contact with, and find friends in like-minded people.

Be it exercise during pregnancy, special courses for after birth, open meeting spaces, professionally lead age-specific games, handicraft-, dance- or music courses for children; or anything else. Everyone Finds the right thing for themselves and their children in our programme of courses.

In our experience, your best friend will usually not get pregnant or have children at the same time as you, which is why you will probably not be able to talk to them about pregnancy, childbirth or similar topics. That is what we, Eltern-Kind-Treff Adamgasse with our many visitors in the same stages of life and our instructors are here for.

Often, people find friends for life here…

We’re looking forward to meeting any and all of you!
Best regards,
the team of Eltern-Kind-Treff Adamgasse